Cloudflare Tunnel

Tunnel | Zero Trust App Connector
Connect applications, servers, and other resources to Cloudflare’s network via encrypted outbound tunnels. No publicly routable IPs or VMs required.

Protect your web servers from direct attack
From the moment an application is deployed, developers and IT spend time locking it down — configuring ACLs, rotating IP addresses, and using clunky solutions like GRE tunnels.

There’s a simpler and more secure way to protect your applications and web servers from direct attacks: Cloudflare Tunnel.

Ensure your server is safe, no matter where it’s running: public cloud, private cloud, Kubernetes cluster, or even a Mac mini under your TV.

Cloudflare Tunnel: Expose Your Home Network to the Internet Securely – TheITBros
In this article, we will show you how to expose your home network to the Internet securely with Cloudflare Tunnel