Checkmk Enterprise Edition

=== Timestamps ===
00:00 Beginning
00:09 Introduction to CheckMK
02:25 Thank you to my Patrons over at Patreon, and to my subscribers at YouTube
03:00 The CheckMK Paid Plans for the IT Professional who wants support
05:25 Documentation
07:40 Downloading the CheckMK Raw Edition Server Software
08:55 Following the Docs - Installing CheckMK on a VM or Bare Metal
13:30 Accessing our new Server Web UI
14:10 Installing Agents on Hosts (monitored clients)
16:30 Web UI Overview for Usage
24:45 System Overview for Monitored Hosts
31:18 Setup the CheckMK Server in Docker
38:05 Change the default password

Installation as a Docker container
Installing Checkmk in a Docker container is very easy with the official image. The relevant options are described in more detail here.
Highly scalable IT monitoring with the Checkmk Enterprise Edition
The Checkmk Enterprise Edition is designed for the IT monitoring of large IT environments that allows you to monitor thousands of services with only one server.

A powerful, comprehensive system for monitoring servers, networks, applications, clouds, microservices, and more. With enterprise-grade support and unlimited scalability.

A FREE enterprise monitoring system, for up to 25 hosts!

Thanks to CheckMK for providing a useful tool.